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Want to know whether motorisation is for you? Have a look at some of the questions and answers below. 


Motorisation began as the top end of purchasing however as it has developed there are much more affordable options for motorisation alongside the higher spec motorisation and both have different options and therefore price banding.
For an average roller blind motorisation on a standard motor will cost around £100 extra per blinds however with the somfy motorisation option enabling you to link to your phone apps and systems like Alexa it would be around £260 . This is all subject to the size and weight of the blind too.

Rest assured the Somfy motors are all under a 5 year warranty and we have a friendly and experienced team always on hand to answer any queries you may have before or after purchasing a motorised product. When we install any motorised products we will ensure everything is set and working correctly for you and can offer a tutorial and answer any queries you may have.

As any battery product it will need charging eventually, however you do not need to work this into your daily routine like charging your phone and other electronics. Dependant on the usage and size of blind the batteries will last between 6 months and 2 years without the need for charging. However, when this time comes, you simply unclip the battery pack and plug it into the recharging plug socket and charge for 8 hours. Once it has finished you simply clip it back on and the blind will have remembered its parameters and work as before.

Roller blinds are fitted with a motor fitted inside the tube and linked to a battery pack that controls the turning of the tube in replacement of the chain winding system. The motor will then rotate either way based on the arrow function on the remote. On installation of motorised products we will give a demonstration of the product and also set the parameters for your blind. This means you can simply press the up arrow for it to open and it will stop at the set place and the same for the down arrow, it will automatically stop in the correct closed position. Depending on the roller motor you choose there is also availability for the motor to be linked to devices such as Alexa and Google home and phone apps. There are also options for timered motors which can be programmed to open and close at pre-assigned times.

Motorisation is the next big thing in blinds. In the ever changing world of electronics and house gizmos we have Alexa, Google home, sensored lighting, timered heating and apps for all, so why not motorise the blinds too. The appeal to have everything motorised started as a thing of luxury, and even considered a show piece. However the development has enabled it to fulfil a lot of uses:

-For hard to reach windows it enables ease of use without climbing on ladders or leaning over furniture or worksurfaces.
-For friends, relatives or even yourself, whom may struggle with physical impairments or disabilities it can enable them to regain independence with privacy and light control throughout the day with limited physical movement, whilst also eliminating the pain of using blinds that may be too heavy or high to reach.
-For bifolding doors it enables a span of blinds without dangling chains.
-For security and reassurance when on holiday or out for long periods of time. The timer settings can give the allusion that people are home without having to choose between leaving the blinds open or noticeably shut for days or even weeks.

The motorised roller blinds come with a simple remote with an up and down arrow function. Simply using the downward arrow to bring the blind down and the upward arrow for the blind to go up. Once the parameters have been set you and simply press the arrow you choose down and the blind will only go as far up or down as its parameters will allow it.

The table below illustrates which blinds can be motorised and the functions of motorisation they have. The blinds that are motorised the most are the Roller, Duo and Roman blinds providing an all round functionality as it can assist in both the up and down function however motorising other blinds is possible but can cost more.