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Poles & Tracks

We offer a variety of poles and tracks to suit any window dressing. Whilst we offer our full measuring and fitting service we also have a collection service too.


Why pick a pole?

Why pick a track?

When considering made to measure curtains, we must consider dressing the whole window, and the importance of the pole or track on the final look, as well as it’s functionality. Both elements are important and either a pole or track can give different outcomes therefore need to be considered.

Poles are designed to be a feature in their own right. They are available in many different forms changing in regards to: Material, styles, colour, size and final choices, can all give a completely different look when dressing a window. The heading choice of a curtain can relate to the type of pole or track you would need. For instance if you were wanting an eyelet heading on your chosen curtains you would need a metal pole, however if you had chosen a wave heading, a track would be your desired choice.

Tracks are designed for ease and have great functionality, however, do not give the feature look of poles. They do however work perfectly with pelmets or for a sleek minimalist look.

Whilst your choices are unique, the windows themselves can also be, therefore may lend themselves to one over the other. For more information or guidance on picking tracks or poles please feel free to speak to one of our experts on 01636 702102 or in turn come into the showroom to discuss. We also offer a professional measuring and fitting service.

For a small example of the types of products we supply please browse the gallery below. It features things from reliable and well priced wooden poles to luxurious distinction and metro poles which are the modern blend of both track and pole. They enable you to have the aesthetics of a pole with the functionality of a track. Their sleek design and expert bracketry enable us to dress even the most difficult window with ease. For bay windows, bifold doors and extra wide windows they provide a great solution to window dressing.