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Environmentally conscious fabrics designed and developed to minimise their environmental impact.

The textiles industry is one of the world’s largest polluting industries, contributing 10% of all global carbon emissions and twenty-one billion tonnes of industrial waste. The dyeing and finishing processes used in textile mills account for almost 20% of the global industrial water pollutants in water supplies.

Now more than ever, we are aware of our environmental impact and the devastating effects of climate change for generations to follow.


We work with suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of the products we sell, identify opportunities to further improve the sustainability of our packaging and facilitate its use, increase the amount of waste diverted for recycling and identify opportunities to minimise the waste produced.

The Sustainable plains collection spans three hundred thoughtfully developed, textured fabrics across sixteen varying bases from corduroy to herringbone weave using a variety of sustainable yarns, including recycled polyester, bamboo viscose, BCI cotton and organic cotton and linen content.

To learn more about the Better Cotton Initiative please visit: 

– Iliv Sustainability